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If you offer services to Australians around bioptic driving and would like to advertise here, please email BDA.

Belinda O'Connor

Belinda O'Connor founded the Bioptic Drivers Australia (BDA) in 2017.

Belinda commenced her bioptic driving journey in 2014 when she discovered through a Facebook group of her eye sight condition that people all around the world and in Australia have been driving using biopics for over three decades. Belinda could not believe that all this time she has been denied a human right to by assessed as a candidate for bioptic driving and could have had her licence as a teenager with her peers instead of in her forties.

After researching the Australian landscape she made contact with persons knowledgable about biopics for driving and discovered the situation surrounding its state of play for formalisation. As a career public servant with experience in policy development and implementation, Belinda uses her skills, knowledge and networks to set BDA's strategic direction in consultation with a multi-discinplary team of Friends of BDA.

If you are a potential or current bioptic driver and require advocacy support on this matter please contact Belinda.

Belinda is available as a presenter on the lived experience of the bioptic driving journey.

Dr Elias Kyriazis

Dr Elias Kyriazis is a Senior Marketing Lecturer at the University of Wollongong, where he teaches Marketing Strategy, Marketing and Digital Communication, Creating and Marketing New Products and Introduction to Marketing.

Having a personal interest in Bioptic driving as his son Ross is currently applying for a NSW Learners permit. Dr Kyriazis has guided student research projects aimed at developing awareness campaign for Bioptic Driving. As such he is astounded that a technology that helps people gain their independence or keep it, and  has been implemented so successfully in so many countries for over 3 decades, is still viewed with suspicion and mistrust in Australia.

Dr Kyriazis supports the BDA in any way regarding their media and communication strategies.

Williams Occupational Therapy - SA

Bradley Williams is Director and Primary Occupational Therapist at Williams Occupational Therapy. Further details about services offered can be viewed on the website: 

Brad provides driver training in bioptic driving in the Adelaide region of South Australia.

Brad is available by appointment to provide bioptic driver training.

Pinnacle Driving School - ACT

Pinnacle Driving School in the Australian Capital Territory offers driver training. Pinnacle’s certified, experienced driving instructors teach all our clients how to be a safe and responsible driver. Pinnacle's driving instructor, Alex, taught BDA's founder, Belinda to drive using the log book system.

Dr Sharon Oberstein - NSW

Dr Sharon Oberstein is an Australian leading expert in the use of bioptic devices.


Dr Oberstein currently works part time as Principal Staff Optometrist, Low Vision at the UNSW Optometry Clinic. Her particular research area concerns driving and low vision, and completed her PhD by research on driving with central visual loss, for which she was awarded the 2015 Menzies Research Scholarship in Allied Health Sciences.

As a clinician, Dr Oberstein conducts assessments to determine if a person would be a suitable candidate for bioptic driving.

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