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Friends of BDA is a dedicated private forum for bioptic driving advocates to chat.

Friends of BDA whether people or organisations support the overall goal of the formalisation of bioptic driving in Australia. They may not all agree or hold the same views on a matter yet work together to realise BDAs overall goal. 


If you would like to participate in the forum please email BDA.

Click on the Facebook icon to go to the BDA page.

Join one of our BDA Facebook groups.

Bioptic Drivers Australia is for anyone interested in chatting about bioptic driving matters in Austalia.

Bioptic Drivers Only is for persons whom have been confirmed by BDA as a candidate or a bioptic driver.

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In-kind Support

BDA wishes to extend our gratitude to ProfitAbility Virtual Assistance ( and particularly Kylie Ufer, Director and Virtual Assistant. It was with their generosity that BDA now has some fabulous logos and headers that beautifully reflect our business model - here is one example. Thank you!

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